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Truck-Mounts are powerful cleaning

systems that are permanently fitted

inside vehicles.



They are run by an engine, which

makes them around Twenty times

more powerful than a portable electric




Our machine can run out 250 feet of

hoses from itself and recovers all waste

back to a tank inside our vehicle.


If your residence is on an upper floor,

we simply run the pipes up the side of

the building.

Best of all though is that no noisy machines are

brought into your residence, just Two pipes.



We do not use your Electricity as the majority of

carpet cleaners do or your water.


We do not need to empty waste water into your

toilet either, as they do.

With our equipment, you will get more value for your money. When pricing, please ask them what equipment they will be using.


Before you hire a rental machine we

would like to remind you that our prices can, on many occasions work out the same  when you require a single job done and you will see the difference with our equipment.


These machines when hired require additional items such as shampoo, a de-foaming product and associated stain removers.


you have the hassle of collecting them from the shop, having to provide identification, then returning them within 24 hours.


As they have low suction, your carpets will take a long time to dry, and the majority of people who use rental machines find that as they use a shampoo, your carpets will attract dirt very quickly .


For the more professional job, our equipment will run rings around these machines. To see a video of these

hire machines in action, please click

the picture above this text.


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