Spot On Cleaning

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We can clean the majority of carpets, however

 bad they are, as shown in the pictures to the left.


Spot, stains & odour problems can be effectively

eradicated, using our professional range of

products from Prochem.


It is more cost effective to have your carpets and

soft furnishings cleaned, rather than replace them.


For added protection, a stain guard product can be

applied after cleaning for your piece of mind as

demonstrated by the two pictures to the right.





It is beneficial to have your carpets cleaned as

they contain grit particles which is the main

cause of carpet wear.


Hot water extraction cleaning also rids your

carpets of dust mites. Whilst the majority of

carpets contain them, they are only an irritant

to Asthma sufferers.


For further comprehensive information on dust

mites, please click the picture of the dustmite to

the right where a new window will open. To

return to this website, simply press either the

back button or the red X.


A dustmite magnified many times. Approximately Ten times

smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence.

Stainguard treatments available to avoid this